1 year anniversary vacation

We were so blessed to have met friends in Seattle with friends in Michicgan with a cabin- that they let us borrow for a few days. It allowed us to stay after the wedding and have some alone time. We did some wine tasting- they have a cherry wine there (actually they have a lot of cherry things there).

This is the sweet little cabin we stayed in.

We went jetskiing! It was a spontaneous idea that we both actually realized we wanted to do. The day was gorgeous and the water was so pretty we just wanted to get out into it. I was definately the crazy driver, but Joshua picked up some cool James Bond spin moves. It was so crazy when you weren't the one driving but just had to hold on (I know I'll be judged for this but- You know how on the show the bachelor they always climb something high or jump into something together and then say if they can get through that they can do anything? That's what we decided this was- now we're so sure since we did this together our marriage will stick haha, well we thought it was amusing  )

We made hobo dinners with veggies and roasted sausages.

Hubs had never seen sand dunes so we hiked the dune trail through to Lake Michigan. It was hot but a really beautiful hike and a great walk to get to just talk. The water and all the pretty waves at the end of the hike was an awesome reward.

The last night dinner through another Crazy thunderstorm which then became sunshine again as soon as dinner was over, grabbed a local bottle of wine and watched the sunset.

I've always thought of this kind of vacation as some fantasy with waves, sunshine, beaches I'd do with my husband and it was perfect! Our anniversary beachy vacation rocked!

P.S. It has been a week and we still haven't unpacked oops :)


  1. Michigan is so pretty. I loved being their while I was at Maranatha.

    Did you bring your camera with you while you were jet skiing?

    1. Haha yeah, there was a dry seal thing in the front that latched so of course I stood up and leaned over at one point to retrieve it :) Very luckily not dropping it.

      So pretty!