Hey Seattle - Cincinnati is Awesome!

At least half the time I tell people out here I'm from Cincinnati, they reply with - "O I'm sorry"
And every time I tell them, nicely, that I love it there and it is way better than they think.

So when we were on the way to the airport last weekend Joshua's mom took us to walk around downtown and see all the new things that have been happening.
So Seattle- below is just a small small portion of what Cincinnati is, and it still looks stinkin sweet:
Music hall

Cincinnati has been doing a lot in over the rhine downtown and a lot of new restaurants are moving in, whiskey bars, vintage stores, local art stores, and the one we stopped at was a crepe restauraunt- yumm! We all had the 'Nati

One of our many cool bridges

A sculpture in the waterfront park of a steamboat wheel, s
teamboats have a lot of history for Cincinnati

The Serpentine wall along the water, yeah it's pretty cool!

Fountain Square in the middle of downtow. There was a concert being set up because during the summer there are concerts, movies, dancing going on every night in the square.

Since we were Porkopolis we have artists and organizations decorate
pigs that are placed all over downtown.

Washington Park downtown just got a huge makeover with playgrounds, water features and more.
Plus Cincinnati has Graeters!

A new park at the waterfront

A Cincinnati original brewery that just opened up a location down overlooking the water

Another water feature downtown, kids were running through it all day

the Purple People Eater bridge, for pedestrians and bikes only- I know cool!

Our baseball stadium!

So that's a little bit of Cincinnati, not including all the new fabulous small restaurants that have opened up that rival Ballard and Capitol Hill's, breweries are moving back into our brewery district, our baseball team is actually winning games this season, more parks not shown along the waterfront with bike paths running through them, we're getting a streetcar, we have a year round outdoor market too!

Really I love Seattle- But come on Cincinnati as you can see is also something to love! It's smaller, there are no mountains in the distance, but it still not something to apologize for :)


  1. Eat that, Seattle. Lol...seriously, my heart is in the 'nati! Let's just move back and have double dates on the reg. We miss you guys and love you!

    1. haha a lot of days I wish for that too. We miss you and you're in our prayers pretty lady!

  2. I haven't been in years but I do remember it's a great city :) I heart your blog. I'm a new GFC follower :)