Seafair! Seafair! Seafair!

Our friends lovingly invited Joshua and I and some of their co-workers out on their sailboat for Seafair. (Which is a big thing out here in Seattle, boat and plane races, air shows, and this year around 20-30,000 boats out on Lake Washington all at once!) It was an absolutely gorgeous day! We had tons of food and cold beer. We got to watch the blue angels show, they flew in formations directly over our head! Swam in the water and just overall had one of the best days ever!

They flew with Mt. Rainier as a backdrop

our Fabio- every boat needs one
I got a small glasses tan :(

The very white looking men got quite sunburnt-
don't worry mom's we did use sunscreen I promise!

Our Sunday also rocked, I'll post it soon :)

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