Seattle Sounder Soccer Game (+Beckham)

I've been dying to go to a Seattle Sounders game out here!
 I've been told soccer games out here are a big deal and really fun to go watch live.
OH MAN! We had a blast!
We got cheap tickets from someone at Joshua's work and was so cool!

The stadium is gorgeous and our nose bleed seats actually gave us a
great view of the downtown skyline with the sun setting over it.

They had people parachute in with the game ball, there were fireworks,
they have their own band, cheers, flags, it was so cool to be in the atmosphere of it all

There were over 60,000 people there!!! WHAT!!!! to watch soccer!!!

We won 4-0 against LA Galaxy!
David Beckham is on their team so we go to watch him play which was
really sweet, and unexpected because I forgot to look up who we were playing.
(my little sister texted me when I told my dad this and asked me to take pictures of him :)
The best I could do was a picture of him on the big screen haha)
But still fun to watch how calculated and accurate he was.

Now I'm dying to go watch another!!!

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