Friend Visit!!!

One of my childhood friends, as in our parents were friends in college and we've gone on a week long camping vacation almost every year together, came up from California to visit this past weekend. It was so much fun, we met some of his other friends that also live in Seattle now to so it turned out to be a really great weekend, even if I was the only girl. They are all engineer-ish types so Joshua fit in fine, every once in a while I said something intelligent, the rest of the time not so much.

It was so good to see Brian and to get to hang out with someone that knows me so well and doesn't judge me for being who I am, it something only knowing someone or growing up with someone can do sometimes and it was really refreshing and relaxing. Also I'd like to say that I beat him at Settlers of Catan :)

We went to a bar with an arcade and then to a carnival game place down on the pier and went to dinner where they dumped large bowls full of seafood onto your tablecloth. They gave everyone a bib and a wood mallet and just pretty much said have at it. If you know me at all this is not something I handle well, all the seafood and animal parts just laying about. But I tried a tiny bit of the crab and got through it pretty well. When I was getting grossed out I just played with the tatoos I won from the carnival. At one point it led to me tatooing bread, so now you know that's possible, yay!

On Sunday we took Brian and a friend, Sudeep, hiking I'll post those photos next!

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