Thanksgiving in Olympic Penninsula Pt.2

Continuation of our trip...
We went back to Rialto Beach the next morning because the sun was out and we wanted to see if the beach looked any different. Driving up to it before we could really see anything we saw white foam being tossed high into the air and we knew it was a good idea to go back. It was high tide and the waves were HUGE. They were all foamy and fluffy looking. It was a totally different ocean. The sun was shining and we were hopping on trees and running from waves.

Later that day we drove to Hoh Rainforest. It was so lush and so green. There were waterfalls everywhere and the trail took us along a gorgeous river for most of the hike. Plus as we were driving out we saw elk! Only a few feet away from us, I was really excited to see a boy and girl one!

We missed spending Thanksgiving with our families but we also really enjoyed going out exploring something new together. Really really cool place!

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  1. That's crazy that you saw an elk! I want to see a moose. I never realized how tall they are!