Friend Hiking!!! + waterfall!

Sorry it has taken so long to post this other one, my work week has been insane (but I finally got to present my own stuff at client meetings which is a big praise) and I've been sick. BUT now it's Friday and I'm feeling better and stoked to go see 007 tonight!

This is the Bridal Veil Hike we took Brian and Sudeep on. It was full of fall leaves as big as your face and lots of gorgeous moss draping the trees. Brian was into it because all that's around him is desert :)

Then we turned to the end of the trail and this stunning water fall was roaring over the rocks. It was so awesome! It was really neat to see it not coming out of a hill or straight down but cascading over this jagged huge rock! Purely epic! It was pretty huge too and we could hop rocks and logs to get into the middle of it which is a pretty cool feeling having it all pounding around you.

my new hiking boots, that I added red laces to :)

Brian is drinking the waterfall, just kidding

It also started snowing while we were hiking and was sticking to the sides of logs and giving everything more dimension, it was pretty, especially since it wasn't rain.
Monday Brian came downtown and I took him around my office and we went to lunch. Really makes me miss when our families would get together every year and how the Ohioans would make fun of the Michiganders accents on moon and fork, playing rummicub while trying to make s'mores over a citronella candle. But at the same time I loved seeing him with Joshua and how well they got along, meeting friends that have know him since high school and comparing, getting to know him apart from his family, and realizing that he is someone that will be our friend and in our lives forever because he's that awesome. Josh frequently says he misses him. So we want to head to Cali to visit soon.

Happy weekend!

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