Joshua did ... karaoke!

We had a busy past weekend. We biked, in the rain, to see the 
James Bond movie and grabbed some pizza.

 Then had pizza again the next day :) at a place that hubs always goes to 
with work people, I'd been wanting to check it out
And to the the Boeing Future of Flight Museum. One of Joshua's company's machines is in it and he wanted to show me. Plus we checked out and engine that my dad worked on :) 
So proud of the men in my life! They are so good at what they do
 Tried out a new church and grabbed top pot donuts! Pumpkin one 
and raspberry glaze, of course a sprinkles one too
 But the best part was that on Sunday night we went to Rock Box with some of Josh's co-workers and did karoke! If you know Josh you know this is not something you could easily see him doing. But he sang Katy Perry and many 90's hits that night. We had a blast! They put you in a small personal room so by the end of the night everyone was singing every song and laughing. Joshua was nervous at first but now he's a fan!

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