Pumpkins & Pie

I came home the other night, Halloween, feeling kind of down. My sister just told me she passed her nursing boards (YAY) and my mom was talking about their trick-or-treater's and I was feeling homesick. Joshua couldn't even make it better, I was just missing home. But then our friend's came over to carve pumpkins and it was perfect. I really needed to be with them and just joke and drink and carve pumpkins. They made me remember what we have here and how friends like them can truly fill in the holes I was feeling. It made me feel very lucky.

On a lighter note :) we made the pumpkin carving into a drinking game where you had to take a shot (sip) if you said one of the words on the list. I thought to make the game and then got destroyed by it, I was so bad at it! Joshua and I hacked into our knobby tough-skinned thick pumpkins but in the end I thought they turned out pretty well! (Only a little bleeding) Our friends had sugar pumpkins and were able to carve elegant designs into them that looked fantastic lit. Also I finally baked my cheddar crusted apple pie and we dolloped homeade vanilla ice cream on them- YUMM! We sat on the couch afterwards talking and laughing with all the lights off and our pumpkins glowing and it was really relaxing and encouraging. Moments like that just make me feel very thankful!

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