Girls vs. Boys Weekend

A few weekends ago...

Joshua and the small group boys went to he Olympic Penninsula for the weekend to camp- yes in the cold and in the rain!

Me and the small group girls had a sleepover, game night, dessert, crafts, wine, mulled cider, sunshiney, relaxing weekend.

I think they were both the kind of weekend we wanted it to be. I love camping but I'm also a wimp about the cold.
The ladies and I had a lot of fun together and it turned out to be so fantastic to hang out with all of them without the boys. (I was a wimp about my husband leaving me but I made it and had a great time!)
Also I had dinner with my friend Megan one night which was tasty and just really great conversation. She just got engaged so we talked wedding but also life. It is so refreshing to have good conversation and encouragement from the people in your life and I got an amazing weekend full of it! I feel so blessed that God put such strong women in my life out here that push me to have those conversations and push me to think about my life.

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