Boys Camping Trip

Joshua's best friend since pretty much forever came to Seattle this past weekend! One of the things he was most excited to share with him was the mountains. They headed up to Mt. Baker area Thursday and hiked the Cascade Pass/Sahale Arm trail.

I was a tinge jealous, it's one of my favorite hikes. The mountain views are beyond fabulous and they seemed to have encountered quite a bit of wildlife. Goats, baby goat!!! deer that wanted to be closer than comfort, marmots & more. They had initially planned for another hike the next day and only completing the Cascade Pass portion but got sucked into how awesome this one is and shifted focus.

They got back to their campsite quite late, made a fire even though it was too hot for one, but cast iron pizza is worth all the heat. Played a new game Nick brought us all night and passed out in the tent. They were a little sore when I met back up with them on Friday evening but it seemed like a pretty stupendous trip!!

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