Climbing on the Real Stuff

Last weekend we spent our 3rd weekend in a row sleeping outside, summertime is on! We drove out to Leavenworth with some friends to another of their friend's cabins. Pitched our little tent and then played this game called hammerschlagen for the majority of the night. It's a real game google it, premise: hit nails into a log involves drinking based on your accuracy. Safety wise, actually very safe, we were all safe, swear. It could also be my now favorite pastime.

But really the real reason we ventured out was to go on our first outdoor climbing trip. We had some people awesome enough to let us use their ropes and gear and show us the way. We hiked all the gear to Playground Point, our experienced climbers set our routes and away we went. Luckily we had a shady tree at our base because Saturday was a hot beast, but we slathered on sunscreen and had a really great time. We did an easy crack climb too which added interest.

Then after we'd slathered sunscreen on, been caked in dust, put on more sunscreen to then create mud all over our bodies and sweat in the sun all day we found a good calm spot on the Wenatchee River and endured the cold water to rinse off. Found a sunny giant rock and dried off as the sun set over the mountains. Beautiful day.

We only did mostly slab climbing so now Joshua and I are really interested in getting into something harder since we've gotten our feet wet in climbing. Something so satisfying about pulling yourself up a rock and problem solving the whole way up to a great mountain view reward at the top.

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