Backpack Sunsets

Last year we hiked Teanaway Ridge as our 1st backpacking trip! Almost exactly a year later we backpacked it again but this time with friends. It was a gorgeous day and we drove up to the Ridge after birthday brunch. We got up there about an hour before the sunset was about to start and gathered wood, pitched tents, made some food and then it began. There is a great sunset view from up here and watching Mt Rainier slowly disappear to the dark and Mt Stuart's craggly silhouette dominate the skyline is a great experience. The view did have quite the flurries of wind though so we built a fire, tried to coax their puppy to cuddle with us and passed around wine & whiskey. Short trip but beautiful night out in the mountains.


oh my goodness!!!

My morning view, to lazy to get out of the tent in the morning he delivered me coffee :)

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