The Ladies in Chicago

I was going to Chicago for work, NeoCon, so I had a plan. My mom & sisters were all off work that weekend already -a miracle in and of itself, and they agreed to drive to Chicago and hang out with me for the weekend. I have been missing my family a lot lately so this worked out to be amazing!
We wondered around the mile shopping, eating popsicles, just catching up. Then we went out to dinner and to my favorite bar Violet Hour where we sipped fancy drinks.

We got to  be silly, annoy one another,
and just be ourselves.
My heart was full & happy I'm
so glad they were able to come!

& of course then we got weird

We also went on the architectural boat tour in the blazing humid sun (forgot how bad it could be). The textures and shapes of all the buildings are so lovely from the water, plus it was nice to just sit for awhile and stare. The Blackhawks also won the Stanley Cup while I was there so that was kind of nuts. Then my favorite ladies drove home, but not before they hid notes around my hotel room for me so I wouldn't be so sad when I got back to my room and they weren't there anymore. So thankful for that time with them!

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