Mountainous Anniversary Trip

We try to take the day off for our anniversary but this year it couldn't work so instead we took the whole weekend to celebrate. Drove up to Mt. Baker area and camped outside our trailhead with a fire, boxed wine, reading via headlamp, and a stunning sky full of stars. The sky was so incredibly clear that night the stars were sparkly and out in force.

Next morning we were up early and packed up to head for a hike on Park Butte. It is a trail used to ascend Mt. Baker so we were hanging out right at it's base. We love being up close to the mountains so this was lovely! Maybe next we'll go to the top ;)

After our hike we headed over to Baker Lake, hiked in a few miles and hung up my birthday hammock for it's first run. Hammocking (word?) is awesome! We swung over the lake, took a nap, and enjoyed being alone with one another. It was an amazing way to spend time celebrating 4 married years together.


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  1. The picture of the two of you next to the fence is beyond cute!