Celebrating America Climbing Rocks

For the 4th of July some friends invited us to go rock climbing out in Snoqualmie. It was a hot, sunny, clear day and we were lucky enough to climb in the shade that day. The area was awesome!

 It was an old trestle bridge that linked along the mountain and framed some great views. Joshua and I are very new to this climbing outside thing, but I'm loving the challenge. On some of the hard challenges of the climbs I tend to freak out for a minute, get a little in my head. Everyone is so nice when you climb though! Supportive, don't mind if you take your time, give you advice, let you hang and shake it out as much as you want.

Afterward we picked up some Rainier beers our friend had hidden in the creek and sunbathed on some rocks along the water to relax after. Mmm America, good day. Finished it off with a BBQ and some patio sitting.

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