Oh my Heatstroke

I know Cincinnati, you're hot & humid in the summer, but I thought I escaped you. I ran to the opposite side of the country where humidity in summer is a max of 30% and some summers I don't even have to wear shorts. I enjoy the sunshine and warm weather and don't sweat through a shirt the second I walk out the door, I can even leave my hair down!

Not this summer, Seattle you're killing me. Yes I'm being a giant wimp. Accepted & I'm still going to whine.

2  weekends ago 97!Most places in Seattle and almost all apartments, including ours, don't have air conditioning. We hung out at our place after we dropped off the ladies until we were laying on our floor and had no other solutions to evade the heat. Of course that meant we ended up at a brewery with a cross breeze. It was delicious and much easier to want to have a conversation there. Seattle if you give me cold beers and cross breezes I'll try to stop whining.

But dinner, oh cooking in the summer is the worst. I invited a friend over for dinner Monday and strolling through the store felt hot just looking at things to cook. Then in a moment of genius most people have already had I thought salad bar! Grabbed a bunch of fun veggies and mini head of lettuce, naan, and feta spread and walked home happy to only be chopping for dinner.

It turned out delicious, filling and easy. Again, I'm sure most people already do this but I like to make things harder than they need to be so this felt like a real win for me.

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