The trip that will be

Friday night I came back down from Vancouver, met Joshua up north and we drove straight to the trailhead. We planned on doing a fabulous 30 mile loop with amazing view and up close mountains. We headlamp hiked in about 2 miles and camped, woke up at 5:30 and started ascending.

 Sadly the clouds were heavy and didn't seem like they were planning on letting up anytime soon. Soon after it began to rain. So while deciding upon forward or backward we squatted in the middle of the trail under a tree and drank a bunch of warm coffee. We decided to come back and do it in a 3 day trip so we could see all we wanted up there and go when it wasn't so cloudy so we didn't miss what we went up there for to begin with.

 Overall we backpacked about 14 miles and sometimes the way the clouds hug the mountaintops is just stunning. We capped it off with a stop at a Burger Shack in Darrington and a beer at a brewery there that had just opened. We'll get cha next time loop!

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