Downtown Exploration

Then we still weren't done with Nick. We grabbed the best, in our opinions, chicken & waffles in town for breakfast, combed the farmer's market and then- hopped back on the bikes. We didn't give the guy a break but luckily he never opposed :)


We biked to downtown and ran into the Pride Parade, that balloon float the cutest! Headed into Pike Place Market for some exploring & hung out in the cutest coffee shop for a bit.

Drug/biked ourselves up the hill to Capitol Hill and wandered around the Starbucks Roaster. You couldn't have found a group of people more interested in asking the roaster questions - 2 engineers and an interior designer :) Hungry we found ourselves at Pine Box on a picnic table where we consumed porcini dusted popcorn, wings, mac & cheese, & jalapeno hummus before we embarked on our journey home.

We took the scenic route home through the sculpture park and along the bike path on the water all the way to Fremont. I've been dying to check out Add-a-ball which is old arcade games so we geeked out there for a bit. P.S. we're all pretty bad at pinball but the boys were pretty good at Galactica, Joshua even got the current high score (I've never been prouder).

Finally ventured back to our neighborhood to teach Nick to play Thunderstone which then didn't end until all but one restaurant in Ballard was closed. So we had burgers & pizza & tots for dinner at a bar and drooped into bed for an early wake up call.

Such a blessing to get to have Nick for a few days. Fun to watch the guys interact and see a little of who they used to be mixed with the amazing men they've become! Next time though I want Adrienne, Nick's wife, for some mixed company ;)

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