A Wes Anderson Murder Mystery Party

Our friend turned 30 & threw a fabulous Wes Anderson Murder Mystery Party. AMAZING!
We had Bean's Cider, themed food, music from the movies and she even edited the plot line of the whole thing to line up with the movies. Again, AMAZING!
I asked to make her cake and love the way it turned out: bottom layer is the wallpaper from Royal Tenebaums, middle layer is the suitcase pattern from The Darjeeling Limited, top layer is a the hat from Team Zissou in Life Aquatic and the sign is from a line in Moonrise Kingdom. I spent all Friday night piping chocolate zebras and safari animals and I'm in love with them. The knit hat was made with colored almond paste (I ran out or I would have made the bottom band of the hat) And then I took a cake that would feed 50 people to a 20 person party ha! & left all the extras  behind :)
Since we were in cake mode all day we scrambled at 4pm to put together costumes and think they turned out pretty darn good. I was Madame D from The Grand Budapest Hotel & I got to put cornstarch in my hair to make it gray. I cannot wait until my hair goes gray so I was beyond excited to get to try it out. Joshua was Scout Master Ward from Moonrise Kingdom and I loved his badges which were from random pins we own such as a pink power ranger pin.

Turns out Madame D was murdered and then the party began,
everyone rocked it!
 Happy Birthday Kristen!

Some people were quite sleuthy. Mostly I learned all my knowledge eavesdropping. At the end we all wrote down who we thought the murder was, luckily I guessed my own murderess correctly - It was Margo Tenebaum!

Moonrise Kingdom Cast
The Grand Budapest Hotel Cast

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  1. So cute! I wish I knew more about Wes Anderson films so I could appreciate this more!