Glacier : a real glacier

The Grindell Glacier hike is about 8 miles. We took a fun informative boat ride past the very beginning of the trail. I loved that we got information and got to feel like we were in between all the mountains looming around us before our hike above them began. Once across the 2 lakes we started the ascent to one of the most stunning hikes we've ever done. We saw goats stacked high up on slender rock faces, big horn sheep eating with the lakes below them, a few bears high up on the mountains rummaging, then on our way back down we ran down to get pretty darn close to a moose who'd come to the lake for a drink.

glacier glamour shots :)

The apex of the hike though was the glacier itself. The scenery up there was almost otherworldy. The turquoise water with thin layers of ice reaching across, the warm brown rock that expressed glacial grooves, and the snow expressing texture you'd have other wise missed. It was cold but hard to walk away from. You didn't just see it's beauty I could feel it as we got to run across the rocks and grooves.

Ah okay I'm done gushing about it, but we all had an amazing time and won't ever forget it!

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