Glacier : Iceberg Lake

Last week we drove out to Montana to meet up with my parents, who'd been in Yellowstone, to all hang out in Glacier National Park for a week. It felt very grown up to go on a vacation with my parents. The day before we got there it had snowed which left a stunning dusting on all the mountains exposing all their texture and layers in a beauty that we were so glad we got to experience. Yet for the Iceberg Lake hike it also meant slush. The first day we were there we did the Iceberg Lake hike up into our first real views of Glacier. The clouds were moody and dramatic and the dark pine trees all stuck up dark and straight from the snow. Stunning.


Along the way my dad spotted bear tracks in the snow and then a little while later the culprits were spotted up on the hill in the snow. It was a mama and two sizeable cubs flipping over rocks to look for food. When we all stood still we could hear them talking to one another and all squeal when one slide down the snow a bit at one point. Luckily my dad brought his binoculars so we could all check them out better.

The lake was beautiful, albeit mostly icebergless except for the one struggling to stay frozen. Part of the lake had a thin smooth matte icy layer that I loved. It was a great first day and great first hike. The snow highlighted everything and we were so glad we got to see it that way.

Then we headed back to our "home" and because we got kicked out of our campsite because of bears and kicked out of our hotel for fires we ended up finding a spectacular & cheap little cabin (with heat) to stay in for the first half of our trip. It was adorable & warm :) We had a Cincinnati dinner night with Skyline chili and Rhinegeist beer that my padres brought.

up next some fly fishing escapades...

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  1. I'm so envious of the scenery you get to see! I'd be terrified to see a bear, but those bear paw prints were really cool!