Glacier : Moose & Sunsets

We drove the infamous Going-to-the-Sun Road one day and on our drive back through it to our campsite we got to watch entire sky perform for us. The sunset was a performance of color, drama, movement and perfectly silhouetted mountains. Everyone kept yelling stop because each view trumped the last, magical!

On our last day in Glacier together we went to a lake where we were told moose go in the morning. Now usually people tell you such things, you show up, wait, wait, nothing happens. BUT we saw a mama and baby moose at the end of the lake. The even cuddled a bit for us. Yet then more people noticed them and the mama started checking us out and walking toward us, lots of backing up ensued. Finally they went off into the woods and we hiked out only to find them again in the middle of our trail, but this time with a bull moose too. Lucky us the walked across a creek in a clearing for a good ol photo shoot :) It was quite amusing to watch the bull try to walk through the trees tilting his head to avoid branches.

We also did a little Hidden Lake hike that day which was colorful, had fun snowy patches, and good sitting rocks. We decided the lake was better viewed from above and snacked and hung out for awhile before going back.

When we got back to our site we hammocked and hung out and ended our trip with hummus, fire roasted beans, a bag of olives and pita chips & s'mores. It was perfect and bittersweet. The whole trip was amazing and we were so blessed to get to go and spend time with my parents just existing and chatting and playing games. It was beyond awesome to get to goof of and hang out, not have to get to the point immediately because I have 15 minutes left on my lunch hour. So adult of us going on vacation with my parents ;)

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