Glacier : Fly Fishing

My dad loves fly fishing, he ties his own flies and everything. In Glacier you can fish without a license inside the park. Therefore he promised to take us fly fishing and Joshua and I were very excited. I hate fishing, so dang boring, but fly fishing you get to put on outfits (waders) walk in the water, play with pretty feathered fake bugs, and whip your line around to create fun shapes. I understand these are not the principles of fly fishing or the proper way to do any of it but I enjoyed myself and didn't complain about fishing so I think it's a win.

We went 3 times when we were in Glacier and it was a great way to break up hikes or  driving. Plus then you get to hang out in one beautiful spot for a period of time which I don't tend to do well so I appreciated that a lot. Madre & I hung on a hammock for a bit too.

We didn't catch any fish until we abandoned a hike mid-hike and then just started throwing our lines into a creek off the road. Two minutes later my dad had a fish! Then Joshua caught a fish. My mom and I eventually did too! It was very excited and almost every slipped on the rocks and fell into the water to proudly retrieve our fish.

Eventually my mom went to get the net in which case a bear we'd seen the park ranger trying to locate earlier had something like a bean bag shot at it and then it ran in the direction my mom was standing. As in right past her. Madre dove in the car, back hatch of van still open, hoping he'd move along. He did, don't worry, but now that she's not frazzled it's pretty cool and I'm a tinge jealous I didn't get to have the bear run past me too!

Very thankful my dad took the time to teach us how to do it and I was surprised to find I actually really enjoyed it. Did not enjoy that you're supposed to be quiet to not scare the fish away, haven't ever been very good at that. My mom and I also tend to scream whenever we catch a fish, effective :)

Also huckleberry pie. It's their thing & it was yummy. We got pie again later too.

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