Glacier : 17 miles

After we woke up way to early (above photo is of the sunrise!) cleaned up camp and said adios to my parents we drove a ways to Two Medicine to do a 17 mile day hike. Obviously this was Joshua's idea! Dawson Pass is a trail that goes up 4,000 ft in 4 miles and then stays up high along the ridge until you then get to use your super tired legs and feet to hike back down 4,000 ft. The hike was beautiful and we actually had a great time wearing ourselves out.

There were quite a few beautiful lakes we looked down on, hopped over a few snow patches on steep slopes, heard a bear roar (I'm not sure that's their sound term but oh well) and had some pretty great panoramic views. I almost ran when I finally saw the car but then I realized I couldn't move that fast and that my feet were waging war against my shoes and the trail.

We hoped in the car drove a few hours to the other side of Glacier and lo and behold the campsite was having its last BBQ of the season that night!!! We grabbed a beer, sat down next to some friendly Ohioans we found, and at a rack of freshly grilled bbq ribs, corn and a baked potato! What else is there but a rack of bbq ribs after a 17 mile hike! Magical!

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