Shined instead of Rain

The forecast for last weekend said rain, so we thought we'd sit inside all weekend and do laundry and adult things. Then Saturday morning came and it only came with lots of sunshine and warm weather so we ditched responsibility for a bit and headed into it. We've been wanting to casually ride our bikes around for awhile so we hopped on them, grabbed some to go sushi and rode to the locks to sit in the grass. Our sushi was slightly unhappy we put it through a bumpy bike ride, but I didn't mind.
Then we're sitting on the grass talking and I feel like the people behind us are starring at us, I think they may ask where our sushi is from, then I hear them quietly say "Josh?" Being awkward like I am I say "Hey Josh I think those people know you" Sure enough it was one of Josh's mom's good friends. She is just visiting Seattle as part of a West Coast trip and happened to walk up this random path and we happened to sit somewhere we don't normally sit. It was so many things come together and bam we found each other, funny!

I also had a lovely Friday happy hour with a
co-worker and we are so fancy we drank out of coconuts!

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  1. Small world! It's so funny how things like that happen!

    I love those drinks!