Vantage Newbs

We've heard about the awesomeness that is Vantage and this past weekend we decided all the hype was spot on. Free camping, fires allowed, tons of routes, tall faces & so so much sunshine!

Joshua and I were able to do a few 5.10b's which made us pretty excited. We both did some lead climbing and lead belaying and I learned how to clean routes/repel. Lori was kind enough to take a huge chunk of time to patiently show us how do it all and make sure we were safe. She's a rockstar!

Apparently we were at it from 9am-5pm. Miraculously, Joshua & I came away sunburn free, something we're super proud of. Hanging out all day in the sunshine with those views, spectacular!

We camped out right by the feathers for 2 nights. I love that in climbing people just casually add onto the invite group and then people meander between that group all day while climbing to then end up back around the fire together. A ton of food was made and widely shared, even a chocolate crème pie brought by someone's dad who was better than all of us!

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