Smith Snowy Hike

We road tripped down to Bend, OR go spend some time climbing with a group of friend's this past weekend. Three of us decided to drive down Wednesday night, as in I slept in the back and brought Star Wars Mad Libs, so we could hike on Thursday. Pulled into a campsite late at night and threw up something to sleep in.

We didn't really research much where to hike until the next day so we didn't realize there was still so much snow. So we ended up doing the hike we'd snowshoed last time in boots. The hike up was sunny and warm and lovely. At the top a few people had come up with snowboards and we wandered around watching them jump off the cornices and fly down.

The hike down was sloppy and wet but being that it was around 80 degrees we swapped for sandals and headed to 10 barrel brewery where we consumed wings, pizza, beer and eventually some tasty mojitos. Took a quick pitstop at Smith Rock to meet up with our other friend's and headed to the cabin.

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  1. I was thinking, "THEY ARE WEARING SHORTS!" Then I saw you said it was 80 degrees. :) Sometimes here in Russia I feel like I'm hiking in boots without snow shoes because there is so much snow and ice on the sidewalks. Luckily, it's all melted now!!!