Taking on Smith Rock

After our snowshoe adventure- We then proceeded to spend the next 2 days climbing a bunch of tall red-orange rocks at Smith! The sun was out all day, in the low 80's, 2 dogs, beer & snacks in the backpacks & endless routes. It was an amazing few days. I love the pace of climbing and the way everyone helps out and how the puppies roam all over. Also sitting around in warm weather for 4 days was bliss.
sweet photo of Joshua repelling by Cynthia!

Below are Joshua & I's first unsupervised lead belay and lead climbs. It was only a 5.7 but I was still super nervous! We both made it to the top safe and after a few minutes of a very fast heart beat I was excited to try another one. Joshua holds his nerves in and just climbs slow and steady. I'm more of a nervous babbler, thankfully he was encouraging. The rock was super rough on your fingers but there were also nice small rock holds popping out of the faces to pull up on. I'm always surprised that those weird blobby and juggy holds in the gym actually exist in real rock formations.

my day was made! Within 5 seconds of walking up to the crag
Rex walked over laid down next to me an put his head on my lap!
 If you know me, this was a top life moment,
I didn't solicit him all and he came to me!

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  1. WOW! I give you guys a lot of credit. First, I'd be scared to look after being that high. Second, I have no upper body strength!