Biking to the beach

After an very large tasty random brunch I requested a chill bike ride. Luckily the 2 guys were up for it. We hopped on and biked over to Alki beach. The sunshine was out in full force, see my very sunburnt back for proof, and the mountains were visible and I don't think we saw a single cloud. I love the ride to Alki. You bike on the Burte Gilman Trail for a bit, then along the water through a train yard, along some more water into the sculpture park, fight some construction and back to water, another bridge and then you're along Alki beach.

 Alki Beach always looks a bit like California. Shiny rims and big bass music in cars, rollerbladers! beach volleyball, and then we partook in the margaritas where we lucked out with a window seat. All in all we biked about 32 miles. Back at home we ate a bunch of tacos and then I'm pretty sure we all passed out early. Minus the sunburn it was a lovely day of slowly biking around while not really doing much.

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