Forest Climbing

On Sunday, since our moms are sadly too far away to hang out with, we went climbing at Mt. Eerie. We did call them from the top of the mountain though where they bared with us as the calls dropped multiple times.
We've mostly climbed at more deserty crags, this time we hiked through an actual forest. Mt. Eerie is a bit hard to navigate and some of the brush had thorns that happily attacked my shins but the view was lovely and we found a few good routes. The best part is that on Sunday Seattle was clouded in rain and gray all day & we escaped it all and even found a bit of sunshine! Win!

 The rocks were a bit mossy at times but I really enjoyed a few of the routes we did. Also dogs were involved so I was stoked! We finally got to bring our new rope but only used it once. Finished off the day with some beer & pizza at Skagit River Brewing and then headed home to clean up the mess we left our apartment in by getting all our gear packed at 6:30am that morning.

our new rope! It's bright cyan with orange thread and 1 purple thread throughout.
She's so pretty I think I'll have to come up with a name for her!

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  1. I love dogs too! I love all your hiking posts. I'm working out vicariously through you. ;)