All kinds of random fun

I went to see a play w/dinner, A Moveable Feast 
by Ernest Hemmingway. 
They served food in between acts and 
it was a truly lovely experience!

Day after St. Patrick's Day we went to an Irish 
music show where a friend was playing fiddle. 
Favorite moment was this 7' man playing fife and rocking it!

We found a public dock near our place and we now 
plan on spending most of our evenings here!

Been biking a lot lately including over to a friend's houseboat.
He hosted a lovely evening on his boat including turns in the wood
fired sauna and very cold, brief jumps in the lake.

Ended a few evenings with friends playing pool and skeeball.

We've had dinner with lots of friend's lately. Sadly 4 friends are moving away from Seattle this week. Went to the movies. Rock climbed at the gym a lot. And now we're off to Bend this weekend! The springtime busyness begins!

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