California Work Trip

I was able to go on a work trip this past week for 4 days. We went to San Francisco, LA, and San Diego. We visited 4 hospitals to learn about their NICUs. I got to travel with coworker and doctors & nurses from Seattle Children's Hospital. It was a really great experience and fabulous opportunity. The company was fun and I loved soaking up California's sunshine. We stopped in La Jolla a cute coastal town for a stupendous dinner one night. The sun was setting at the beach and lots of seals were out napping and wandering around.

Work has been insane lately and I've had a ton on my plate, hence the lack of blog posts.  But the work busyness has also given me a lot of hope that I'm getting more responsibility and working towards the role I want at work. Cueing a bunch up though so be ready I'm about to rapid fire update you on our lives very soon!

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