Mt. Hood snowshoe

Our last Mt. Hood adventure was snowshoeing the White River trail. (White river trail is where the river begins before it gets to the falls we saw the other day.) We finally got to get up close to Mt. Hood, we'd only ever seen it while driving and never explored around it. Since it was early in the morning we got to define our own path. There's something fun about being the first one to put footprints into a large expanse of snow. Definitely enjoyed the emptiness of Oregon's trails too! Not to be diminished is that Joshua finally got prescription sunglasses and wasn't blinded by the white snow.

That evening we explored Mt. Hood. We went to dinner, walked along the water, stopped at a few breweries, saw a rainbow, and Joshua licked my face in a photo booth. The next day we headed on home.

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  1. Wow! It's so crazy how much snow there is!