Exploring Mt. Hood wilderness

Our first day around Hood river we decided to do some low key exploring. We stopped at White River falls which is a large stunning waterfall cutting through beautiful warm rock faces and shock green patches. An element we loved about this waterfall was the freedom. There were hardly any people around, no guardrails and roped off paths. We got to jump on things, walk onto the rocks and feel the power of the waterfall, and explore any way our curiosity pulled us. There were the 1900's remains of a hydroelectric power plant that provided plenty of curiosity and exploring.

We also did a leisurely flat hike through Cottonwood Canyon park. It was a simple park running along the John Day river. The sun peaked out for us and again we saw almost no one. The transition of being outside but in a still, quite, relaxing way was a nice transition from the busy Smith Rock climbing.

We caught the beginning of spring flowers and starred at the textured, crumbly rock face walls and meandered along the river until we felt like turning around. Oregon has definitely grown on us this trip.

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  1. Wow! It looks so beautiful there. It's almost like you're in Ireland or something. I want to go to that hydroelectric plant!