Cincy hang : FC game

I was so excited we got to go to an FC soccer game while we were home. My whole family talks about this team and these games, I've been dying to take part. Even better the game was against Columbus Crew. We were outfitted liberally in FC gear, I got to wear the Fiona hippo shirt :)

We even got to take part in the march to the field. Being a part of the energy and the pride marching its way to the field was a real treat. Everyone was chanting together, high fiving, and smiling.

Our brother-in-law got us great seats and then the game was off. Overall not the best soccer ever played but a fun game. In the end we won and I yelled/cheered A LOT.

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  1. That sounds like fun! I've never been around so much soccer until this year because my aide is the coach for the high school soccer team and most of my students love soccer.