Red river gorge climbing

For our 6 year anniversary!!! we took a day and a half away from family to go to the Red River Gorge. I had never been, which surprised me because my family camped and hiked a lot when we were growing up. I was really excited to go and although it started off rocky - pouring down rain right before we went climbing - we found a wall that stays dry.

Unlike in Seattle, we had the whole Blues Brother's wall to ourselves. It was so nice to be able to hear each other and be as goofy as we wanted because no one was around. The Gorge has little labels stuck into the rock for all their routes so it was easy to navigate and pick routes. We climbed about 3 routes that evening and then headed back to Miguel's (the place you can only camp if you're climbers) and got the traditional pizza/Miguel's experience. We camped out back and then woke up to go climb a few more routes the next day.

We also took a mini hike to Creation Falls and just wandered around in between the big broad leaf trees. Seattle is mostly coniferous so it was really beautiful to climb up the rock between big green leaves playing shadows on one another.

So glad that we took a little time to ourselves while home to celebrate our anniversary. Also great to get onto some rock close to where we grew up.

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  1. I love that yellow building. Looks like it belongs in the wild wild west or something!