Family KY camping

One of the main reasons we went home was to do a mini family vacation at the land my grandparents had in Kentucky along the river. I remember going there so many times as a kid. I wouldn't want to go at first, thinking it would be boring. Then we'd get there and people would be everywhere, games of volleyball, floating on the river riding the barges huge waves, unlimited access to candy so you could try all the combinations of starbursts mixed with each other, playing capture the flag late into the night and having my uncles always win, setting off huge displays of fireworks, begging my uncle to take us tubing or on the jet skis. They are good memories, memories of hanging out together.

I was really looking forward to sharing this place with Joshua and hanging out with my family. We floated in the water, sat on the dock, shot bb guns at cans, made pizzas in the fire, played soccer, starred at lighting bugs, and just enjoyed each other's company. Rarely are we all together and it was such blessing to get to be with them at a time other than Christmas.

Josh loved the river part, even it was a brown river.

The lightning bugs were amazing while we were there. The trees on either side of the property are about 75 feet high. The lightning bugs slowly worked their way to the topmost branches. Yellow flickers emanated all the way up the sky where they turned into stars instead. I miss lightning bugs, glad I got to come home while they were around.

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  1. My grandma's sister has land in Pennsylvania that's similar to this! So many memories. There was a railroad that ran through the property and I remember putting coins on the tracks and the conductor through candy when he rode by!