Cincy hang : the zoo

While we were home in Cincy we took a trip to the zoo with Joshua's mom. It threatened to rain all day and we had a minor downpour for a few minutes but it cooled it down and was lovely. I had us all moving fast at the start to catch the 3 Malayan tiger cubs out on display. One of them was attacking a plant and bothering her sisters, super cute. Then I rushed them to the hippo exhibit because I was dying to see baby hippo Fiona, sadly she was not out that day. But the new hippo exhibit was still really fun to see. I love hippos, I still have a stuffed animal hippo from when I was born.

We got to see Bibi and Henry yawn, swim into the water, bobble around, I love it so much I made them go back a second time later. Next up the third priority of the zoo- Dippin dots ice cream, a zoo staple.

Since it was cloudy that day and not too hot all the animals were out wandering around. The baby giraffes were adorable. The monkeys were swinging around. The flamingos were goofy. The bears were swimming. It was a pretty darn good zoo trip.

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