Evora & naps

Joshua had been in Portugal working for about a month when I flew over to meet him. I was really excited to get to meet him in Evora, the cute old town surrounded by huge stone walls, aqueduct running through it, no tourists, where he had been staying.

The 3 days I spend there went something like, wake up and have a mini espresso, Joshua goes to work, I pick 1 thing in the little town to go see, see it, find an outdoor cafe in a park to drink wine/beer/coffee, read my book at said cafe, realize it is now to hot to exist outside and go back to his place made of thick stone to take a nap. After nap Joshua comes home, we go out to dinner with his coworkers to some cute restaurant where the Portuguese coworker orders us carafes of wine or tiny glasses of port and food, we meander the cute streets at night to Harmonia (a members only bar that is super old in a beautiful building with peach walls, a terrace, live music or a movie playing, and a sassy bartender that will only speak to us as if he were a cowboy) and head home to repeat tomorrow. 

It was the most glorious 3 days!!!
One of my day adventures I went to the Chapel of Bones. It was made as a place to confront and accept your morality. The leg/arm bones are installed longways, so the walls are literally an entire thickness of bone. It was nuts.


I also took a day wondering around a huge park they have. There were some old ruins, bunches of peacocks, and weaving paths that kept leading to spaces tucked into the landscape to sit or eat or relax.

I already loved Portugal from our trip there a few years ago but getting to hang out in a town off the beaten path was amazing. The whitewashed walls where somehow the whole town agreed upon using the same 3 accent paints on the outside, cobbled streets, that we happened upon a music festival one night, that everywhere has an outdoor space and cheap amazing wine. It was truly a treat to get to spend this slow time with Joshua after having been apart for a month and for gathering myself the right time zone.

Alas, after 3 days it was time to go, luckily it was to fly to Norway!

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  1. That town seems so adorable! It reminds me of Segovia in Spain! I'd love to see that place with bones in real life!