Made coffee and oatmeal that morning, packed up our tent and got back onto the Sognfjellet road. The scenic roads usually have sculptures or installations along them and because they are amazing the always relate to the landscape or help you better understand what you're looking at. They are also always beautifully detailed! That morning we came upon this glass "compass" that points you to a mountain peak and tells you which one you're looking at and how tall it is. There were over 15 peaks listed from this one viewpoint!!!

This road was probably our favorite. We were at a pretty high altitude most of the time so there were mountain tops all surrounding us but then an innumerable amount of alpine lakes dotted the surface. Sheep were everywhere, we may have had our windows down and baa'ed at every one. Snow dotted the rocky surfaces. Waterfalls were pouring down the sides of every mountain face. This part just felt very different. We were hanging out on top of the tops all day, which is a different experience.

We jumped off this road to head in to Jotenheim National park. We still had a hike we wanted to do that day. On our drive in though I had us stop at some sheep. I was trying to coax them to let me pet them when 3 other sheep come out of my peripheral and scare me because they DO want to be pet. And like it or not, like it I loved it, I was going to pet them. They were so funny and pushy. I had jumped out of the car so fast when we saw them and left the door open. Jorgen and I (Jorgen is apparently Josh in Norwegian because when I connected his phone in the car it translated it to Jorgen's iphone :) were worried the sheep were about to climb in the car. Luckily they became more interested in licking the tires. So finally got to pet the sheep but then these 3 little guys did not want to let us leave.

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  1. I would have pulled over to pet the sheep too! That's so funny about the Jorgen thing too! haha! I hope I find someone like Josh one day because you guys go on the best adventures together!