Stave church & Bus troubles

Woke up next to the river the to some passing sheep with their bells tinkering. Packed up our stuff and finished out the Sognfjellet road which ended in a town called Lom. It dumped us out into civilization and quite a few tourists. Despite all the people the landscape through the town was beautiful. There was a huge river pulsing through with rapids and huge rocks. One of the oldest stave churches was there amidst large lush trees and grass. It was built in the second half of the 12th century and added on to as time went on. It is one of the few to still have some of it's original medieval details and carved dragonhead. Strolling around with a coffee we explored an admired a bit. Ate an apple turnover.

Then we hopped onto the Gamle Strynefjellsvegen road and headed down toward Geiranger. The road turned out to be quite an adventure. We were within a few miles of Geiranger when a bus in front of us ran it's backside into the road and got stuck on a turn. As with many of the twisty mountain roads they are too narrow for 2 lanes of traffic if the vehicles are wide. It took about an hour for them to wedge enough rocks and have people push the bus so that it was free. Which was great except now there were huge! lines of traffic in either direction and the next vehicle coming at the bus was...another bus. Lots of reversing, lots of maneuvering, and we finally made it down.
Geiranger is a very tiny down built up the mountain with a tiny waterfront. There isn't much flat land anywhere. Unfortunately this meant we had to pay to camp in a very tiny patch of grass with about 20 other tents smashed against each other. This did not seem like fun so we pitched our tent and walked along the road into the waterfront. We had pizza and then a glass of wine on a terrace, got a few groceries and stayed away from our tent until we were ready for bed. We weren't feeling optimistic but it actually turned into a lovely night in town.

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  1. That church is so cute! I love wooden churches. I'd be so mad about that traffic and the bus! I have no patience for things like that!