Homeade! Peach Ice Cream

My hubs rocks! I think this all the time but last Thursday he came home with a hand written note (which makes my heart melt) & and ice cream maker for Agatha!!!

Unfortunately it isn't feeling too summery around here but we decided to make it feel like summer in our apartment and make the quintessential Peach Ice Cream first.

It was Peaches, cream, sugar, vanilla and Patience :) We made it the night before, put it in the fridge, and the next morning churned it for 30 mintues. We kept just getting caught starring at it change into frosty deliciousness. Plus we frequently dipped our fingers into it, you would have too!

It was so thoughtful and we ended up having a lot of fun with it, playing records,
chopping together, being goofy. These are my favorite married moments!

Next we're trying vietnamese coffee ice cream, because just saying it makes our mouth water, plus sorbets just have fruit and sugar in them so I'm pretty sure that's healthy so more of those are in order too!

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