Kindness and friendship is something that Joshua and I have really been discussing and thinking on for awhile now. What has been really cool is the different way that God keeps building upon this from the people and conversations he puts in our lives at certain times, to the books we're reading. Maybe it's just because our minds are focused on it, but regardless it has truly turned into a meditative journey for us and something we are constantly trying to change in our hearts.

We're reading Renovation of the Heart together right now and some things have really been grabbing at our hearts.

Overall I just wanted to share what's going on in our lives out here beyond our weekends and on the physical level. Also we're just really excited with all that we are learning and being challenged with.
(below is paraphrase of Dallas Willard's words mixed with mine & Joshua's)

: It's not about outward change, it must be Christlikeness of the inner being, which is not done trhough my attempt but is a gift of Grace. He allows me to transform without holding the past against me (in which letting me transform in the first place is a gift)

:This was a really heart-wrenching one for us- Stopping the behavior is not the root of the point, think of the heart that these terrors come from.
Wow just sitting with that for awhile was really a struggle because it's so much easier to forget that than let myself realize I have those really dark places and even worse what they can do to the people around me when they only see the tinest part of that place in me. The why of what I do or think or feel towards others is so much darker than the instance.

:Trying to be loving and patient = we will fail, we should do the best we can in action, but will only make real progress when we advance in love itself. It will be as a well and source of joy not an 'act' or burden
So genuinely enter Christ's way of the heart.
This thought also really held onto us, and is a great reminder of how to love people and how to work on changing how we do it and why! Also really encouraging that if you surrender and truly work through ourselves it will all be coming from a source of Joy!

:And finally the part that is hardest for me of all it seems- You must allow God to play God, which involves daily, even moment-by-moment surrender.

That's what has been on our heart's lately and if you think of us please pray for us and the areas we are working towards letting God heal and grow.

Thanks & we love you!!!

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