Seeping into fall

Joshua has had to work at least 1 night shift a week (as in until 11pm) which gets pretty lonely.
Luckily I've had amazing friends ask me to do things at the exact right moments that I haven't had to spend many alone. I've painted walls, made cookies with friends, grabbed coffees, and the other night my friend and I hade Monday mimosas and made 2 huge batches of homeade cheese its :).
Except one night when I was left alone I bought a sweater online, haha oops.

photos from Camila's phone
Other than filling in my weekdays without hubs with lovely friends we haven't been up to too much this past few weeks. This weekend we saw Head & the Heart Concert at a really pretty theater, Paramount, had a birthday dinner for a friend, and layed around all morning listening to Lord of the Rings on tape, walked along the driftwood beach in the early afternoon.
 Very full of life but also very slow past few weeks which have been very rejuvinating, except now we're both getting sick.

So excited for all the feelings of fall flying around, some leaves are changing,
most are pine trees though haha.
Stoked to wear my new sweater :)

Just a few pictures of what we've been up to, sorry left the camera behind for concert & dinner:

Sherman, the mini crab we found

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  1. Anonymous23.9.12

    that mini crab is awesome! I love your blog. so cute!