To the land of Bellingham

Our good friends are both from Bellingham, WA, they have some gorgeous photos of it up around their apartment and Joshua and I always think it looks so magical. We've been dying to see it in person and our friends were kind enough to bring us with them this past weekend. It didn't disapoint.

Views of the ocean from the house, ability to walk to hiking trails, gardens full of fruit, Mt. Baker so close, apple orchards, houses full of animals and people- it was a really special weekend.
They let us meet thier families and join in their festivites, they were terrific hosts and it was so fun to meet their families and hear their stories about our friends.
Plus I got to pet tons of kitties and dogs, pick up a freshly layed egg, pick wild blackberries and pick apples all which are things I've been wanting to do, so I was in bliss.

Also hiking on Mt. Baker was mesmorizing to Joshua and I. of course the hike was fantastic but also every time you looked up you saw snow capped mountains and trees everywhere. We already thought the Nelson's were the best hiking partners but this weekend they outdid themselves. Plus they have good snacks :)

Hiking in Bellingham


Mt. Baker & Old Growth Forest

Daniel hitchiking back up from where he parked the car :)

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