My favorite sandwich

I get tired of sandwiches and lunch meat really quickly. So sometimes it's challenging to find something that I don't have to prep a lot for or make a big batch the night before of to take for lunch. But I've recently been inspired by a sandwich I love at the Cherry Street Cafe down the street from work. It is just as easy as a lunch meat sandwich but much fresher and flavorful.

Hummus Sandwich:

2 slices of bread (I made homeade wheat bread! It makes a difference!)
5-6 slices cucumber
4 slices roma tomato
1/4" slice of red onion; pulled apart
4 tbs hummus
small handful sprouts
1   toast the bread
2   spread on the hummus
3   and pile on the toppings

It is a fantastic sandwich that leaves me still feeling great and it's a lunch I actually enjoy eating.

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