Surprise Birthday Visit

Thursday after the park party hubs made me stay up and play rummy with him, then he made tea, and kept making me play cards and said I couldn't go to bed. He also said he couldn't tell me my birthday surprise yet, and he had promised to...then our buzzer rang and MY PARENTS CAME IN!!!! I cried, got mascara on my mom's shirt and hugged them for way too long! It was the PERFECT surprise! I've been feeling so so homesick for my family lately and it was just what I needed!
So sneaky too Joshua kept throwing me off the path, my parents scheduled a skype date on my birthday, my sister asked if her gift had come in the mail yet-- tricky people!

Then!!! They said we were going to San Juan Island for the weekend!

we hopped the ferry (photo by madre)

(photo by madre)

visited an alpaca farm, Joshua thinks they looked like where the wild things are guys, especially when they run
(photo by madre)

saw quite a few eagles (photo by madre)

hiked up to views where we could see Canada!

had dinner by the water

when I ordered ribs Joshua almost died, He absolutely couldn't believe I'd eat those!
(photo by madre)

sculpture park at sunset (photo by madre)

ice cream with cows in it!!!!!
lavender fields

our all wood cabin, taught them how to play settlers of the catan in which we all schemed against Josh so he wouldn't win :)
(photo by padre)

went back across the ferry to Seattle and checked out Snoqualmie Falls

We also had a picnic with striped straws and thai food in the park, played ukere, watched TinTin, grilled out, watched the sunset, bought climbing shoes at REI sale,played king of the log, went to a lavendar farm and.......

WENT KAYAKING!!! Which I will post soon!

It was beyond amazing to have the time to spend with my parents. but more on that in the next post too!

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