Decorating Bartholamew!

Again like last year we didn't deck our tree while listening to Christmas music, this year we listened to of Monsters and Men. Something about dancing around to beautiful voices and decorating a Christmas tree go together really well in our minds. I love that we can just be goofy and stop for mulled wine breaks or pretend to eat our food related ornaments.

Our lives have felt busy lately and it was so nice to take a night to ourselves and just be fully present. To string up lights and enjoy traditions that we've taken from our families and added ourselves to.
I miss not doing our families traditions all together but I also love that we've gathered them and carried them on with a little of our own quirk and personalities. Remembering our childhood Christmas traditions in our own ways with the new family we've made.

And now we get to snuggle up surrounded by these beautiful lights and pretend we have a fireplace with an armful of lit candles every night. It really does make it feel a bit warmer. Plugging in the lights is the first thing I do when I get home!

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