This December...

We've had a very different December compared to the last few months. Hiking season has died down, rain has overtaken the sunshine. But I love what that means for people in Seattle. It means more parties, dinners out, movies, concerts, conversations over mulled wine. Joshua and I always look forward to how it slows down and friendships can deepen.

So far we've gone to a Lego Christmas party, so much food, amazing food! And legos! Yes it was awesome!
Joshua and I played hookie one day a week ago and went to a concert in the middle of the day. It was amazing! So so much good music. Plus we walked around the Christmas decorations downtown and had a nice slow dinner together.

The Farmer's market is even getting in the spirit. My favorite was the potato winter scene :)

Lots of caramel making and wrapping going on at our place for gifts and for fun. These are espresso ones

Went to see the Hobbit with some great friends. The place next door even had Hobbit cupcakes :)
Ah Great movie!!!

Plus lots of dinners and drinks with co-workers and each other.

So that's what we've been up to. Nothing extraordinarily exciting but a lot of fun! A good slow season that we need.


  1. Espresso caramel sounds sooooo good!!!

  2. I see you were in my neighborhood!

  3. I was. I love that movie theater!